Sections in the Bahamas CMA

The Bahamas's Computer Misuse Act is the law that creates the offences and penalties for committing a cyber crime.

The Bahamas's cyber crime law covers several areas, summarised below.

Note: The original document being shared is the copyright of its respective owners, the government.

1. Short title.

2. Interpretation.

3. Unauthorised access to computer material.

4. Access with intent to commit or facilitate commission of offence.

5. Unauthorised modification of computer material.

6. Unauthorised use or interception of computer service.

7. Unauthorised obstruction of use of computer.

8. Unauthorised disclosure of access code.

9. Enhanced punishment for offences involving protected computers.

10. Incitement, abetments and attempts punishable as full offences.

11. Territorial scope of offences under this Act.

12. Commencement of proceedings.

13. Order for payment of compensation.

14. Saving for investigations.

15. Police powers.

16. Power of police officer to access computer and data.

17. Forfeiture.

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